Engineering services.

Heiberg Engineering and Forensic Services is a small firm that provides a variety of engineering work for projects of every size and complexity to clients globally.

Our design clients include façade and ornamental metal installers and manufacturers in the construction industry.

We perform engineering calculations, testing, and designs for curtain walls, storefronts, railings, trellises, windscreens, entryway doors, canopies, etc.

Technical experts, accurate and credible opinions.

Our experts won’t tell you what you want to hear, they’ll tell you the truth. Research has shown that credibility significantly determines court decisions.

An expert must be qualified to be credible:

Our experts are qualified by decades of experience in their field, their skills, education, training and knowledge.

An expert is most credible when they are testifying to opinions they have developed by means of a thorough, on point investigation.

Our expert’s opinions address the case claims.

Our experts develop their opinions through thorough investigations of your cases, using the scientific method, and substantiate their opinions on a firm foundation of physical evidence, discovery documents, sound logic, citations from the literature, testing, calculations and simulations.

An expert is most credible when he is understandable:

Our expert’s opinions are clear and concise. They are comprehensible and credible to the jury, and an asset to your case.