forensic engineering expert-blankEric Heiberg, P.E.

Products Liability Expert

Eric Heiberg, P.E. has worked in compliance with local, national, and international codes, standards, and regulations to design and develop a wide range of products, from medical devices to sports equipment to electro-mechanical machinery. These products span the gamut of sizes ranging from minute dental products to large machinery installations. Mr. Heiberg’s experience includes the entire product development cycle from initial concept to manufacture.


Mr. Heiberg had the unique experience of being responsible for both the development of his products, and their implementation on the production floor. This means that he has a solid foundation in machine guarding, ANSI standards and OSHA compliance. He has specified and designed safe machinery, tooling and fixtures and has laid out entire production lines.

Mr. Heiberg’s background is diverse and comprehensive; he has also provided design services to the construction industry for both structural and ornamental elements. He has been involved in some of the largest construction projects of their type in the world, providing design, quality control and failure analysis for exterior walls, railings and other construction elements.

Mr. Heiberg is a registered professional engineer in several states. He has five US patents and one European patent to his name and is a member of several professional organizations as well as Pi Tau Sigma, a National Engineering Honor Society. He is also a PADI certified SCUBA Diver and an avid outdoorsman.
Mr. Heiberg has withstood Daubert challenges and has been qualified in federal and state courts.