Construction Defect Forensic Investigation

Buildings, bridges roads, railroads, subway systems, sewer systems, parking lots, water systems and airports are all designed by civil engineers.  Our experts can drill down to the essence of your technical issues and provide an opinion in support of your work.

Construction defects can cause a multitude of problems, ranging from more minor issues such as stains, discoloration, or bacterial growth from water damage to potentially life-threatening issues like the separation of building materials causing cracks or the loss of structural integrity.  Other common defects may include deterioration, dry-rot, noises from loose framing, uneven surfaces, and unfinished or poorly finished conditions.

Heiberg Engineering are experts at determining the nature and extent of construction defects, utilizing visual inspection, destructive testing, and non-destructive testing.  We provide both consulting services and expert witness testimony for developers, contractors, manufacturers, designers, insurance companies, and law firms.

Heiberg Engineering's consulting and forensic services for construction defects includes:

  • Thorough on-site investigations
  • Assessment of construction quality
  • Review of specifications and plans
  • Detailed damage cost appraisals
  • Cause and origin investigations
  • Assessment of water damage and/or mold contamination caused by defects
  • Industry standard of care analysis for water damage mitigation and mold remediation
  • Compliance reviews for building code and industry standards
  • Fire hazard and life-safety assessments
  • Repair and remediation recommendations
  • Estimation and analysis of repair costs
  • Expert witness testimony

  • Building envelope (exterior wall/skin) failures (leaks, structural failure, thermal/insulating failure), including curtain wall, EIFS, stone panel cracks, glass failure, etc.
  • Roofing failures/leaks
  • Mechanical systems (Heating Ventilation and air conditioning HVAC) failures
  • Piping/Plumbing failures
  • Fire suppression/Sprinkler system failures
  • Foundation failures
  • Retaining walls