Machine Guarding Forensic Investigation

The function machine guarding is to prevent injury or death from dangerous moving parts, and barrier guards may also be necessary when electrical, thermal or chemical dangers are present.

Guarding may be accomplished with simple physical shielding of machine parts, or more advanced techniques such as laser curtains. Machine guards often employ interlocks to disable power to the machine when a guard has been removed.

Heiberg Forensic has extensive experience evaluating machine guard design and methods including:

  • Light curtains
  • Presence detectors
  • Barrier guards
  • Guarding by location
  • Interlock design and implementation
  • Familiarization with guarding standards and effective warning design
  • Punch press pullbacks
  • Roller and nip-point guarding

Through forensic analysis, we can help you answer pertinent questions such as:

  • Was the machine guard design adequate?
  • Were the materials used in the machine guard adequate to prevent injury?
  • Were there adequate warnings and operating instructions?
  • Did the machine operator circumvent the guarding?
  • Were the pullbacks damaged or improperly adjusted?
  • Would an interlock have prevented this accident?
  • Would an interlock have been appropriate?