Expert Forensic Services


We routinely perform research into appropriate standards, codes, regulations and state of the art technology for the time period pertinent to the case, so that inspections are based on the most up-to-date practices.


Our forensic investigators are all highly qualified and respected in their fields of expertise. We have the correct instrumentation to inspect evidence in your case and obtain meaningful data. We provide thorough, detailed inspections that provide a foundation to our investigations and opinions.


Our forensic engineers are experienced in the analysis of issues central to your case. This analysis often takes the form of calculations and testing.


Our forensic experts can assist you in the discovery process. They know what information may be available that will assist your case, and what information to request that will support your case.


Our investigations culminate in an opinion, verbal or in the form of a report or affidavit. Our written opinions are qualified, substantiated opinions and are peer reviewed by other members of the firm to provide a strong, supported statement supporting your case.


Our highly-qualified experts come well prepared for court testimony, the ultimate test of our opinions. Their testimony is truthful and on point and, as a result, credible and helpful to the trier of fact to come to a decision.